Tanzania - mkuranga district

Drilling for Hope is devoted to providing for impoverished communities around the globe in a way that will foster sustainability and independence. Building wells will enable thousands of families to have clean drinking water, pave the way for children to go to school, and allow families to raise crops and livestock. 


Lack of clean, accessible water has been a leading cause of death in several countries for women and young girls especially, and perpetuates an overwhelming poverty problem. Women and children are dying from dysentery, giardia, cholera and other water borne diseases  – diseases that are easily prevented. Local clinics and hospitals do not have clean water necessary for sanitary procedures and operations, and because villages do not have their own clean water,  young girls are dropping out of school as they are needed to collect water from miles and miles away. We can help girls stay in school to get the education they need by funding wells for clean water, and we can help prevent unnecessary deaths by providing clean water to hospitals and clinics. This is Karen Flewelling’s mission.

Drilling for Hope is a component fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region.